TUNGRI and food?

Pairing the right beer with the right food is growing more and more popular. TUNGRI beers are delicious on their own but are outstanding in combination with a variety of dishes.

TUNGRI Blond makes an excellent pairing with white fish, shell fish, white meat and a wide variety of Asian dishes. From our own experience, we can highly recommend the recipes below:


TUNGRI Bitter goes well with zesty and spicy dishes but also likes the company of a hamburger or a plate of grilled meats. It goes down a treat with chicken wings and fish and chips, too.

Tungri Double is perfectly combined with wild, red meat and chocolate.

Coming soon: our favorite recipes to go with Tungri Bitter and Double.

The challenge If you can pair the right beer with the proper dish, heaven is only a step – or even just a glass – away. But finding the right coupling is not always easy. If you like our approach, here’s a challenge for you: send us your own recipes using TUNGRI beers or that make a good pairing with one of our beers. We’d love to see what you can come up with and we’ll definitely get back to you. Submit your recipe to: info@tungri.eu.