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TUNGRI is brewed using only natural ingredients, our passion and our expertise. This gives our beers their pure taste and makes them balanced and thirst-quenching. A top-fermented beer, TUNGRI is not filtered before bottling, so the aromas are perfectly preserved. Our beers only leave the brewery when they are fully matured and ready to be enjoyed by our many fans. TUNGRI is a living beer: its taste will continue to evolve as it re-ferments in the bottle.

TUNGRI is a craft beer from Tongeren*, Belgium’s oldest city. The name of the beer comes from the Tungri tribe who were the city’s original inhabitants, and Tongeren Basilica is featured in our logo.

* Tip: visit Tongeren on a Sunday when the city centre plays host to the largest antiques market in the country. See www.tongeren.be/toerisme and www.toerismelimburg.be

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Our beer is best served in a 25cl or 33cl TUNGRI glass. The engraving on the inside of the glass helps the beer to continue to produce its lovely bubbles. If a TUNGRI glass is not available, you can use a white wine glass for both TUNGRI Blond and Bitter. To achieve the perfect head the glass must be thoroughly clean.

The recommended serving temperature is printed on the label at the back of the bottle. For both the Blond and the Bitter, we recommend 5˚C-7˚C and 6˚C-9˚C for the Dubbel. Hold the glass at an angle when pouring and take your time. Point the TUNGRI logo towards the beer lover, pour slowly and make sure the beer leaves the bottle in a steady stream. To achieve a good head of froth, the glass should be positioned slightly lower than the bottle when pouring.

TUNGRI can be drunk with or without its sediment however the majority of our clientele leave the residue in the bottom of the bottle. But both TUNGRI Blond and Bitter are delicious – with a slightly different taste – with the yeast poured into the glass.

Enjoy our TUNGRI and why not share the experience with friends.

Get to know our beers!

An enjoyably fresh blond beer (7.5%) with a zesty, slightly fruity aroma. The flavour comes from the yeast variety used and a triple dosing with hops during the brewing process.

Characteristics TUNGRI Blond has a sunny yellow colour (EBC 9), a pleasant smell, delicate CO2 pearlisation and a sturdy head of froth. It is refreshing with a slight, well-balanced bitterness – the degree of bitterness is 24 EBU (European Bitterness Units). TUNGRI Blond is quite clear, slightly cloudier if the yeast is poured out with the beer.

Style TUNGRI Blond is a Belgian Strong Blond. But it is a little bit different; some feel it has characteristics of a Triple. It has a dry finish with zesty touches and re-ferments in the bottle.

Sustainability TUNGRI Blond will keep for at least 24 months. It is best stored in a cool, dark environment. Store the bottles upright to ensure the yeast stays at the bottom and the beer remains clear.

Enjoy in moderation. Santé!

Tungri Blond

Tungri Bitter

This deliciously fruity blond beer (7.5%) has a delicate balance between citrusy aromas and hoppy flavours. The flavour is mainly derived from the addition of several varieties of hops during the brewing process.
Characteristics TUNGRI Bitter has a golden-yellow colour (EBC 9) with a pleasant smell, a slight CO2 pearlisation and a creamy head. The taste is fruity with a balanced degree of bitterness, measured at 35 EBU. It is a slightly cloudy beer; served with the yeast poured into the glass. Served on draught, the beer is cloudier.
Style TUNGRI Bitter is a Belgian Bitter. It has aromas of citrus fruits with well-balanced, intensely warm, bitter touches contributed by the hops. With a mild and refreshing aftertaste it is pleasantly bitter in the finish. TUNGRI Bitter re-ferments in the bottle.
Sustainability TUNGRI Bitter will keep for at least 24 months. Store in a dark and cool environment. Keep the bottles upright to ensure the yeast stays at the bottom and your beer remains clear.
Enjoy in moderation. Santé!

Tungri Bitter

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We are busy developing this beer and we expect it to be available at the end of summer 2016. It goes without saying that we are aiming to produce a Belgian classic – but with a twist. TUNGRI Dubbel will be a brown beer and we’re sure it will go down really well.

Tungri Dubbel

How do we brew our TUNGRI?

First of all, we carefully select our barley malt. A good quality malt forms the basis of all good beers. The chosen malt is weighed and crushed. In professional jargon, this is called schroten or coarse grinding. The crushed malt is mixed with water to form a mash. This mash is now heated to a specific temperature, converting the starch produced by the malt into sugars.

Once all of the starch has been converted into sugars, the solid elements are separated from the liquid elements by means of filtration. This produces a sugar water –called ‘wort’ by brewers – and a solid component, called the ‘bostel’. The bostel provides a high-quality feed for our local cattle. The wort is boiled with hops. The hops give the beer its bitterness and certain other flavours. The hops also preserve the beer and ensure it keeps for longer.

After boiling, we cool down the wort and pump it across to a yeast tank. Yeast is added at this stage. The yeast will convert the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide and also add its own tastes and aromas. We wait for all of the sugars to be converted before deep-cooling the beer to allow it to mature for several weeks. Some of our very special beers will mature for a number of months in giant wooden vats called foeders.

The beer is now almost ready to drink! It is bottled unfiltered to preserve its flavours and aromas. Before the beer enters the bottle, we may add tiny amounts of sugar and yeast to promote re-fermentation and maturation.

Ready to enjoy a delicious and sparkling TUNGRI!